Commercial Services

Services within the Commercial services cluster focus on specific activities which enhance the returns to the asset investor. These range from the procurement of employment and assets to business advisory services. Insurance placement, claims handling support and average adjusting are included within this cluster.

Chartering & Post Fixture Services

Using an extensive network of industry contacts, ADMIRALTY provide clients with competitive ship broking services for dry cargo and tankers which encompasses:

  • Advise to develop and refine a Chartering Strategy
  • Locating and estimating the best employment opportunity for any particular vessel
  • Finding the right vessel or vessels to suite a specific chartering requirement
  • Negotiation and support to finalize charter party contracts
  • Instructing the vessel Master in respect of the charter party terms
  • Appointment and ongoing liaison with port agents
  • Vessel monitoring to ensure adherence to charter party terms
  • Full post-fixture and account tracking
  • Demurrage/Despatch calculations
  • Full voyage results reporting and analysis
  • Business Development support
  • Insurance/ Ship Finance
  • Sale & Purchase Broking
  • Laytime Calculations
  • Legal/Claims Consulting
  • Contract Management (Charter Party development/editing/reviewing)
  • Towing Chartering/arrangements


"Committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our global operations and to promoting sustainable business practices in Aviation & Shipping Industry"